Methods and Outline

Methods:         *Video presentation material

*Written reading material

*On-line links and surveys

Here is how it works:  You will read through the material. There will be video excerpts from a class/group presentation.  There will be questions and ‘action’ assignments for application and learning purposes.  Experience is a way we learn to lock in the information.  What we “know” means nothing until we make it a practice, then it can be golden. In addition, there will be some links for you to click on to take surveys to gather more information about you.   When questions arise, and to submit homework, there will be an email link for you to have direct access to me.  My response times will be posted; and you will always hear from me within any 1-8 hour time span.   At the end will be a final set of Summary Questions to answer and then a feedback questionnaire.  The only way I can truly know the specific effectiveness of this will be your golden feedback.  I thank you in advance.



  1. Temperament Theory
  2. Core Needs
  • Spiritual Direction
  1. The Takeaway Assessment
  2. Feedback Survey
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