EMDR ( Trauma therapy)

E.M.D.R.  So you may be wondering what does E.M.D.R. stand for and what is IT?   It stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.  EMDR is a therapeutic technique that is practiced by 1000’s of clinicians to address the emotional and psychological affects of trauma.  Trauma has a spectrum of impact and intensity by which an individual experiences something in their life.  And to the degree of impact on ones life, it may shape the symptoms one struggles with in regards to the “traumatic event” :  flashbacks, emotional dysregulation, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, night terrors, bouts with anger and rage, behavioral and emotional disorders etc.    Like mentioned, trauma comes in a spectrum and variance of ways:  combat, abuse ( sexual, emotional, mental), loss and grief of many forms, explosive situations…  Research shows that the impact of trauma on the brain is what causes it to not activate the neurological chemicals in the manner it was designed to.   As a result, the different sections of the brain are not communicating accurately together, so that is why trauma can easily trigger such strong responses with in us.  EMDR uses what is called Bi-lateral stimulation to help the brain communicate and process the trauma incident while you step through it with a safe and trained professional in a safe and secure setting.  I am a trained EMDR clinician, working toward certification.  EMDR is thoroughly successful treatment modality addressing trauma. EMDR may take anywhere from 1 – 8 sessions all depending on individual needs.


Cost:  $125