What can you expect working with Keith Video

What can you expect working with Keith?

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7 core needs: Why do we do the things we do?

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Re-framing your life:

Our lives get messy sometimes and it hard to see the meaning or purpose for our suffering.  It is my earnest intent to help you find better sight to view your life and presenting dilemmas.  It is my earnest desire  help people navigate through painful and confusing seasons.   And one of the first things we will do is help you find a new way to see yourself, your life and your pain.   Your life is yours to own and understand.  Whether its a conflict in your relationships, ambivalence of a life decision,  not understanding God in the shadows and spiritual deserts;   or drowning in the darkness of depression and the rush of anxiety. I want to help you find life and meaning  in the midst of your season.  I have 30+ years experience working in  Mental Health facilities and Christian non-profit organizations.  I've also been serving and leading  ministries for over 15 years which has equipped me to provide you expert help in Mental Health and Spiritual development.

-Keith Hughes


The Gaelic knot is an ancient symbol representing the trinity. I hold its original meaning along with it representing: mind (Father), body(the Son), spirit (the Spirit).  When I am speaking or providing therapeutic intervention you will be given the opportunity to hear how you grow all three parts of your life.

7 core needs

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Online Student
I found the information valuable and easy to follow and I have gained some insight into my own life.
Amy H.
“…the class is a great way to refresh your thinking, bring your vital signs back if you will”
Amy H.
“ …incredible amount of information one can use to improve their life, daily.”
“I found the information valuable and easy to follow and I have gained some insight into my own life.”


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