Trainings & Presentations

My new brochure for training and presentation services is here.

I have had the privilege of being able to present to a wide variety of audiences and diverse settings.  I have had several years teaching and facilitating life development classes in a local Psychiatric hospital. In addition, my earliest experience in teaching and leading therapy groups was found in Residential Treatment settings and Outpatient Counseling Clinics.   It’s fair to say that my 15 years experience in doing theatrical roles is where I ‘cut my teeth’ by learning the power of catching the attention of an audience and delivering an emotional, dramatic life impacting  messages through words and movement.  

Another experience of leading was my 6 years ( 2006 – 2012) of being a Worship Pastor that also included monthly pulpit preaching.  In this role as worship and teaching pastor, I learned how to communicate biblical truths through music and pulpit presentations to a local, small church congregation.

My public speaking has also been found in other specific and unique settings such as: Officiating Weddings; Funerals; Mental Health training and classes. 

It is my desire to be a vessel of hope and understanding whomever and whenever I present.  Through my theatrical, church and clinical background, I think I have been able to develop my own style of presenting that can, hopefully, be impacting, thought provoking and effective toward anyone present. 

Here is a sample list of my classes/trainings:

Worship – A way of understanding life balance, purpose and meaning

Forgiveness – learning ways to understand and practice the gift of forgiving self and others

Why? – a class on understanding human motivation, drives and needs; strategies to live in a way that makes sense for you

Communication –  how to listen and speak in a way that works

Mindfulness –  practical ways to be mindful  in order to combat anxiety and depression

Rate:  negotiated per situation