4 Breaths Book

4 Breaths book image Coming Winter/Spring 2024....
In my 35 years as a Christian mental health clinician, I have identified some prominent things that if not utilized appropriately, can take your breath away.  We all have experienced at some point when life takes our breath away, in the blink of an eye, and whenever it wants.  I have witnessed that if engaged properly, these principles can give back your breath/life.  If not aware of how to engage with these principles, life loses oxygen.

How often have we lost perspective on what matters in life? Or struggled to make sense of chaotic tragedy thus leading us into a rut of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness, only because we could not find a way to find perspective.

Have you taken notice of how much you have held onto; un-forgiveness, resentments, betrayals, and wounds thus causing your movement in life to be difficult and having problematic relationships?  Discover ways of forgiving yourself and others.

Shame is like an atomic bomb.  Read how the Cross addresses, and helps us with shame.  What makes the Cross the most iconic symbol in the world?  Find life-giving spiritual and psychological teachings from the Cross.

Finally, there is a code in life that all of us play a part in.   The worship code.How much is enough? Proper life balance is a big search in this riptide culture.  What we worship we become, and if not careful it will give life or take your life away from you. Find ways to keep what is ultimate, ultimate in life, and what is good, good in your life.
Sit, read, reflect, and take in these 4 breaths.