Pastoral Counseling

Being a pastor is a calling that few can appreciate or understand.  Living in the trenches of ministry can get dark, lonely, and at times an anxious place to be.   You lift up others when you are barely off the ground yourself.   As a Pastor, or church leader, it is to be expected you politely, graciously absorb all criticism while yet holding out your hand to help.   The endless hours preparing a message every week only to be forgotten as they get to the parking lot, or complained about in your email inbox.. Yet the message is quietly received and is the catalyst to change ones life. There’s also the Pastor’s call to be ready to stand in a hospital lobby at 2 am,  or at the grave site, preaching the lessons death tries to teach while comforting those that mourn.  Then there’s the business back at the church, sitting in budget and marketing meetings adding to the pressures.  Being a pastor can at times feel like a long slow crucifixion.  Its a role that rarely lives in balance; you are either overly adored, or overly criticized; faced with the reality that church leadership is a daunting task. Both life and ministry impact out souls deeply.

I have privileged to be part of the pastorate and Christian leadership for over 10 years, and I can empathize with the reality of the role.  I am aware how more than 25% of those in ministry struggle with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other behavioral problems (pornography, sexual immorality, substance abuse, marital distress). I realize that its also difficult for you as a pastor to admit that you struggle or have problems. I know better. Rarely do pastors or ministers go unaffected by life or the ministry; both can afflict the soul deeply.
I am here to help you navigate through any of these issues, without judgement. Instead I’m here to offer companion, mercy, grace, and understanding. I will help you through spiritual/biblical truths, psychological and biblical strategies in order for you to live out your true identity. I want to help you find that breath of life again so you can serve God with a fervor.

Now you might not contending with anything critical right now, but life in the ministry can have challenging seasons of plateaus, dryness, or spiritual unrest. Enrolling in pastoral counseling, I can help equip you to take your personal growth and ministry to the next level.

Upon taking the bold leap to meet with me, you will be met with acceptance, a strong look in the eye, and a nod of acknowledgement that you just did something courageous.  Welcome!

Below are some notes from s0me local pastors:

“upon recommendation from a staff member and friend, I began sessions with Keith. During those sessions we uncovered some personal history that I hadn’t identified before that influenced why I processed situations the (unhealthy)ways that I did that usually lead me to anger/despair for decades. Through my sessions with Keith I was able to recognize those in the moment and learned methods/practices to process my thoughts in a healthy way.”

C. E. Care/Singles Pastor

“Keith is one with a passion for care and seeks to deeply understand the heart of the person in front of him. He is dedicated to helping those on the frontlines of ministry. He knows how to clearly walk the road with the minister of the Gospel who desperately needs to be understood and allowed the opportunity to lift the burden of leadership off their shoulders for a respite.”  – 

Brian Larson, MDiv-PC  Pastoral Counselor, Paraclete Services