Pastoral Counseling

Being a pastor: a place not everyone can appreciate or understand.  Depressed, anxious and yet will respond to the pressing needs; to lift up others when you are barely off the ground; to be expected to receive all the criticism while holding out your hand to help; endless hours preparing a message every week only to be forgotten as they get to the parking lot, or complained about in your email inbox; or it might even be the moment it changed ones life.  Standing in a hospital lobby at 2 am; or at the grave sight comforting those that mourn.   Sitting in budget and marketing meetings adding to the pressures.  Being a pastor; its a slow crucifixion.  Its a role that rarely lives in balance; you are either overly adored, or overly criticized; faced with the reality, no one is ever happy.    It goes with out deep impact to the soul.

Being privileged to be part of the pastorate and Christian leadership for over 10 years, I can empathize with the reality of Christian leadership.  I am aware how more than 25% of those in ministry struggle with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and other behavioral problems (pornography, sexual immorality, substance abuse, marital distress) I realize that its also difficult for you as a pastor to admit you struggle or have a problem.  I know better. I know rarely do any pastors or ministers go unaffected by life or the ministry; both can afflict the soul deeply.
I am here to help you navigate through any of these issues, without judgement or condemnation.  I am will help you through spiritual/biblical truths, psychological and biblical strategies for you to live within your true identity.

In taking that bold leap in getting help you will be met with acceptance, a strong look in the eye and a nod of acknowledgement that you just did something of courage.  Welcome.