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Falling Upward:  Richard Rohr

Immortal Diamond: Richard Rohr

The Reason for God: Timothy Keller

The Meaning of Marriage:  Timothy Keller

Making Sense of God: Timothy Keller

Walking with God through Pain and Suffering: Timothy Keller

David and Goliath: Malcolm Gladwell

Blink: Malcolm Gladwell

Tipping Point: Malcolm Gladwell

Sacred Sorrow: Michael Card

Wild at Heart: John Eldridge

The Jesus I Never Knew: Philip Yancey

Coddling of The American Mind:  Lukianoff & Haidt

Prayer: Tim Keller

The Practice of Now:  Eckhart Tolle

The Life Strengthening Book:  Deanna Farrugia

Open:  Andre Agassi

Universal Christ:  Richard Rohr

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