Why do we do the things we do? 7 core needs, the invisible forces that drive us all.

This is the “why” class. Helping you identify the drive behind your decision making, behavioral patterns and emotional needs.  Why did I decide to develop this class?  Through 28 years in the counseling and mental health field the most thematic question that arises for people, and their loved ones and co-workers, is, “why do you or I,  do that?”   This material is to help better understand why we do the things we do.  To uncover the invisible force within us which is our core needs.   And what we can do to better (strategy) to  meet our needs; find our purpose and live in a more harmonious life.  In addition, by going through this material it should be able help you understand other people’s behavior; help you better work and relate to others because you have an idea what is motivating them.  If I can help you learn something new about yourself; maybe see something under a new light; or why others do what they do then I have accomplished what I set out to do. Whether that is trying to understand compulsive behavior patterns, addictions, relationship problems, indecision, career paths, or just the pure sense and wonder of “why” do we do the things we do?  Why did I violate my true beliefs?  We even get so perplexed by our actions that it can almost feel ‘otherworldly’ causing one to doubt if they might even be possessed?  And of course the answer is “yes and no”.  We are all possessed by an invisible force: our temperament wiring / our core needs.  The crux of my work, is to always point us to something more beneath the surface and what lies there is the celestial understanding we all have the same shared needs; and we all need help in reaching those needs by a force bigger than ourselves to understand this existence.

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