Live Classes

I run a rotating series of psychological and spiritual development group classes over 6-8 weeks.
We typically meet one night a week for 75 minutes.
These classes are currently targeted at those 18 and up, adolescent classes are also under development.
If you are interested in one or more of these classes, please contact me via email

  • Fear and Anxiety…Biblical Strategies to Turn your Worry into Confident Excitement.
  • Forgiveness…Forgiving Yourself as a Path to Forgive Others
  • Desirable Difficulties…Helping your Disadvantages Become Advantages
  • How to Read the Bible in a Way that Makes Sense
  • Worship…Preventing the good things in life from being Ultimate things
  • Pain and Suffering…Learning how to fall….upward
  • Tetelestai (It is Finished)… a class on Sin Theology
  • Relationship Detox… Fighting Fairly and Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  • The Evil Triad – Dealing with Deception, Resentment, and Arrogance
  • Prayer…a Practical Guide